Looking for a chiropractor in Wenatchee?

Let the doctors at Banker Chiropractic Clinic help you get out of pain and regain your health.   Most people have a lot of questions when they begin seeking out treatment for their health problem, no matter what type of doctor they are seeking.  The most common questions people have on our office are “What is my problem?” and “Can chiropractic care help me?”

What is my problem?

Determining a person’s health condition always starts off with the consultation.  When the doctor and the patient are done talking, we usually have a good idea as to what is going on.  After the consultation is done, we move on to the physical examination.  Our examination consists of tests designed to evaluate the muscles, joints, and nerves of the spine and chiropractic tests to determine if you will be helped with chiropractic care.  If we think we can help you, we’ll let you know right away. If we can’t, we’ll tell you that too and help you find someone that can help.


Will chiropractic help you?

We have a variety of chiropractic adjusting techniques to fit our patient’s needs and comfort level, offer office hours that fit your schedule, and several payment options in the event that your insurance company doesn’t cover chiropractic care (although many do and we are contracted providers for most of the plans).

At Banker Chiropractc Clinic, we have helped many people of the Wenatchee Valley with a wide variety of problems including:

  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Pain Between the Shoulder Blades
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Artritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Pain
  • Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Auto Injuries
  • On the Job Injuries

What are you waiting for?

Most people come to our office to get out of pain.  Our main goal at Banker Chiropractic Clinic is for our patients to be able to do the activities that make life enjoyable.  If pain is keeping you from your favorite activities, call Banker Chiropractic Clinic at 663-5101 and schedule a consultation.